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Our Team, Our Mission, & Our Promise

commercialJ & J Window Wash started out in January 2004, which makes us almost 10 years old now. At first we started by just offering window washing services, and of course, we excelled in that. But we also listened to what our clients wanted, so soon afterwards we began offering pressure washing services. All of our services were popular with our clients, since we made it a point to offer them at really low prices compared to what other companies charged. We also made sure that the quality of our service was unmatched by anyone else.

That combination of superb work quality at astonishingly low prices helped us gain popularity quickly, and that’s why for the last decade our company grew exponentially. Now we’ve grown enough that we currently provide our services to other areas outside of Henderson. We also offer them in Henderson and Summerlin, and we’ve grown so large that we even serve areas as far as Kingman, Arizona.

Even with that kind of expansion, everyone in our team—from the president and CEO to all the window cleaners and support staff—are fully committed to provide the best quality window washing service that no one else in the industry can match, at a price that no other company can offer. For us here at J & J Window Wash, everyone firmly believes that the satisfaction of our clients is our highest priority. The work is done when the customer is happy.

How do we make sure of that? Easy. First, we start only by hiring the most honest people. Because of that, when they say they will be serious and dedicated about doing their job right, we take their word for it. Then, we make sure that we offer them the best training available. This way, we have the ability to provide the highest quality cleaning service possible.

hand cleaning a window in las vegasWe also make sure that we have taken care of all the necessary paperwork and that we comply with all the rules, regulations, and statutes that pertain to a professional window cleaning service provider. For every project, we guarantee that we have complied with all the requirements involving liability insurance, workers compensation, and commercial auto insurance. The attention we give to all that red tape is a strong indicator that we will be just as meticulous about our job. We are the kind of company you’ll want to hire because it is obvious that we can be trusted. Our aim is to impress you to the point that not only are you satisfied, but you will also recommend us to everyone you know who can benefit from our services.

All of us here at J & J Window Wash are committed to the belief that superb quality service along with integrity and honest effort are the proper path to serving our clients. Our goal is to provide all of these things each and every time for each and every customer. And that is a goal we have achieved each and every time as well. For us, we treat each project as an opportunity to impress you with just how superior we are and we always prove that we’re the best. We don’t accept anything less than that and neither should you. Although, once you’ve experienced the best service in window cleaning, you may probably become like our other clients, who can never fathom the thought of having to experience anything less.

Our Service Standard

At J&J Window-Wash, we know we’re the best. Our standards are simple: that the quality of service we provide will simply be far better than what others can offer, and that the professionalism of our customer service is simply something that other companies can’t even come close to.

If you have ever tried a window washing service from other providers, you may have probably found the experience less than convenient. Quite a lot of these other companies aren’t as dedicated to customer service as we are. For example, a lot of our clients tell us that their previous window washing companies send out cleaners that come later than they’re supposed to.

For these companies, tardiness isn’t something they even try to prevent. In fact, they probably don’t care. For these companies, it’s their own schedule that’s important, and things will get done when it’s convenient for them. Their clients, they believe, have no choice but to accept it. The cleaners will get there when they’re ready, and not before. As for your schedule—that’s not their problem. They have problems of their own, don’t you know?

Then when they do come to your place to clean your windows, interacting with them can be very unpleasant. It’s as if all they’re concerned about is cleaning your windows—if you can call it that. A lot of these other window cleaners are untrained when it comes to interacting with the clients, and they don’t really care about being friendly.

CAM00574In fact, a lot of them prefer you don’t bother them at all, and there’s a few who can get surly, or even hostile if you try to talk to them. Sometimes these workers don’t even understand English! Either they didn’t bother to learn the language because they thought that interacting with the clients is not part of their job, or they may be pretending not to understand English so you don’t bother them. They just don’t care.

Actually, the assumption that they don’t care can easily be proven by the fact that the window washing result you end up with is subpar, especially compared with how we clean windows. For these other companies, you should be thankful that they bothered to show up at all. They may even tell you that there’s no way that the windows can get any cleaner than

what they’ve done—an assertion that of course we here at J & J Window Wash can disprove easily.

When you come to us for your window washing needs, there’s no doubt that you’ll find us very different from our competitors. Our window cleaners are all professional, and we made sure that we chose the right people and gave them the proper training. We will always show up on time—a trait shared by every true professional. Once you’ve made an appointment, we’ll make sure that we keep it, so that you can make your plans accordingly and your time isn’t wasted. We don’t have to disrupt your home or business by coming by later than we’re supposed to.

You can also easily identify our professionalism because you’ll immediately notice that all our workers wear company uniforms, and they’ll arrive in our company vehicles. These are signs that our people are dedicated to what J & J Window Wash stands for.

And of course, all our people communicate in English, and you can tell us about your concerns or requests. We are there to make sure that we can accommodate you in whatever you need (within reason of course!). That’s why we also offer more than just window washing services. If you live in the Henderson area, you can also contact us if you also need pressure washing or power washing services. We offer the same kind of high quality service for those as well. This means that you don’t have to find different companies if you have multiple projects of this sort. We can save you a whole lot of trouble and time because you can just contact us instead for all of those needs. Just a simple call to us and you get to solve a host of problems.

So do you want your windows cleaned, in your single-story home, your shop, or your 10-storey building? Or perhaps you want your driveway as clean as it can be, free from spills and marks and all manner of debris. You may even want your roof truly and professionally cleaned.

Whatever you need, just call us at 702-274-8128, and tell us about it. You can even ask for Shawn Hassett himself, who’s the President, CEO, and Owner of the place. You can get him on the phone and he will tell you himself that you will be taken care of properly.

All your expectations will be met. They’ll actually be surpassed and quite easily at that, especially if you are used to the kind of subpar performance offered by other companies. We’re so sure of our superiority that we actually offer a guarantee. If you don’t believe you’ve received the best possible window cleaning service, you don’t have to pay us a dime for our service at all!

So call us at 702-274-8128, email us at or submit a request through our online form here. You can also send a letter to us, by addressing it to J & J Window Wash, Inc, Shawn Hassett, Owner, P.O. Box 777415 Henderson, NV 89077.

You’ll get a free estimate for our service. Once you try us, you won’t be able to even imagine going anywhere else.